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Our love of swords brought us together...  Syd was already training rapier with a group in Vancouver. Nicole was looking for a fitness activity outside the box and joined the group.
When she first met Syd...she did not like him. He said very little and just stabbed her in the face 
then walked off to find his next opponent. She took affront to this and began to train harder. 
It took about three months for him to say more than three words to her...that and her stabbing him in the face, but this sparked an interest that grew into the flame that eventually became Blood and Iron.  

Blood and Iron Martial Arts began in 2009 in a small studio next to the railway tracks in New Westminster BC.  

Every time a train went by we halted class for a moment and waited for the dust to settle...quite literally as the building was one of the first permanent structures in the province and the brick walls would crumble a little every time.

We were small but dedicated and within 3 years we grew enough to move to a bigger, more stable building and we have been growing ever since.

Our in-person training raised the bar in HEMA and produced many champions and instructors, some of whom went on to start their own clubs.

COVID prompted our development of an online program; known for its attention to detail and the quality of the students we produce, it allowed us to expand internationally 
and now our club spans several countries and continents with in-person locations around the world.  
If you love swords...history...or are just looking for a fun fitness activity that is a little different...Come Sword with us!  

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Our mission is to be the world's leading school for Historical Martial arts training. To consistently innovate to have the highest level of martial education and to achieve the optimal student experience.  To inspire and motivate our students to achieve and excel on the training floor and in life. To bring as many people as we can into the historical martial arts family and bring HEMA into the world's professional sports spotlight.  


In Ferro Veritas…  In the Sword is truth
At Blood and Iron, we believe that martial arts training goes beyond training physical techniques.  It is about building character, and discipline, and discovering truths about yourself.  We train to build skills and strength, in both body and mind, to increase confidence in physical ability and personal potential, and to seek flexibility and resiliency on the training floor and in life. We believe the inherent values of honor, integrity, perseverance, self-control, and indomitable spirit, can guide any human to create a life full of endless possibilities.



1. What does HEMA stand for?

HEMA stands for Historical European Martial Arts.

2. Who are our students?

Our members come from many different walks of life. All of them joined in their passion for the fighting arts, as well as the unique bond of brotherhood that develops through intense yet friendly competition.

3. Were there really martial arts in Europe?

For every weapon around the world, there is a corresponding way of maximizing its effectiveness against an opponent. Some arts were passed orally, others like most of our arts, were written in detailed manuals. There are hundreds of manuals in libraries around the world, in various languages and dialects.

4. How hard is it to use a 20lb sword?

We couldn’t tell you, we have never seen or handled one that heavy. Most swords were between 1.5 and 6 lbs. Like any fighting art, the forms and the physical conditioning take a bit of getting used to. Before you know it the class will be over, you will be covered in sweat, sore, and still wanting one more fight.

5. Do you have to dress up?

Wear comfortable gym clothes and bring some water.

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